Impacting Your Season Part II

Often times in the Bible references are made to due season. Many of these references are to the Lord providing rain or meat in it's due season. Those seasons, especially rain are somewhat predictable. We expect rain in April, snow in winter, and heat in summer. If we don't get them we speak of droughts and unseasonable temperatures. But when it comes to our individual walk with God and the rain or meat we desire that pertains only to us I believe due season is a gray area term that can only be brought into fruition by Faith Fueled Action.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9

What a lovely scripture. What an often quoted scripture. What an often misused cop-out scripture. "I'm just waiting on the Lord. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage" Sounds good, but if a person isn't careful they'll die waiting. I've known so many people to use a scripture as a reason to do nothing, but I'm crazy enough to believe you can influence and actually accelerate
your due season.

I've known people interested in getting a degree who have enrolled in accelerated courses and invested more time and effort in the short run so they woudldnt have to wait in the long run for due season to arrive. Yeah they could have waded through traditional semesters and delayed
their due season but they took the initiative and accelerated it instead.

I've known people who have not grown weary in attending Church and did not faint, but regularly asked God for what they wanted, but they were passive in aggressively pursuing, or sowing for what they said they wanted, and never picked up the answer. Some business establishments like cleaners and repair shops have what they call unclaimed merchandise. I believe their are a lot of unclaimed answered prayers. (Off on a tangent here)

OK I'm back. The next time someone gets deep with you about what they're believing God for, ask them what they're doing to show they believe. Ask them what are they doing to accelerate their due season.

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CareyCarey said...

Good post my good man. I can run with you on several of the issues that you mentioned ...even the tangents. I've been following your writing and I think we share a discerning eye with scripture taken out of contexts. In fact, I had just visited another site before coming here, and over there, this was said:

"The scriptures says, God will not give us anymore than we can bare"

Well, although this is a commonly used "snippet" the scriptures does not say that.

To take off on another point that you made, I've heard it said that the rewards of prayers come down at there own time frame, so don't pat your feet while waiting for them to come down ...keep moving forward.

Maybe one day you will do a blog on the purpose of prayer and what one should pray for. I personally believe the "ways & whys" are short.

I got my eye on you Mr. SLC, lead the way.

Mizrepresent said...

Amen, Faith without works is dead.

Great post, you got it!

much2ponder said...

You raise some very valid points in this post as well as the last one. This has me thinking about some things. I think I am trying to accelerate my due season, but it is important also to allow the Lord to do things in his timing. I feel it is vital to stay connected to the Lord through his word and prayer. Pay attention to the promptings of the holy spirit.; acting instead of reacting and truly allow the Lord to give me strength and to not only be able to deal with a dry season, but also wisdom to know what to do and when to do it. I ask for guidance and what is needed in order to keep my faith strong and alive at the same time. There is a fine line here between grace and works isn't there? I am going to ponder this a bit further.

Stacye / A Child of God said...

OMG! How true this is! How much does one sacrifice?

Love Ya,