With You Always

On the same day I submitted the previous post, I found myself surrounded but astoundingly alone. I was stranded on an island of depression and as much as I thought I had in common with those around me, they were powerless to reach me, since they were powerless to understand. The next morning while driving to work, I was playing through songs on my phone and came across this blessing that I hope to minister tomorrow. It was a timely blessing (and reminder) for me and I hope it is for you as well.

I Love Y'all

With You Always

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CareyCarey said...

It's early Sunday morning and that was a very nice song. It inspired me to put a lable on my latest post.

QueenBee said...

Thank goodness for breakthroughs, no matter how they come, big or small.

Solomon said...

Nice uplifting song today, just what I needed!

Mizrepresent said...


SLC said...

Carey that post of yours was nice. I was able to get enough in spite of the quality. You had a great flow and rapport with the crowd.

Hey Queen!! As long as they keep coming right sis?

Hey Miz and Solomon. I actually sang this at Church Sunday. Unlike Carey, I made sure the video camera was OFF!!!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Absolutely beautiful! This was truly a blessing to see. Love your site!!

PS...loved the poem you wrote for Miz!!

SLC said...

Hi Tia.
I saw your re-post Monday. I think you originally posted that on a Saturday this past winter. I pray all is well with you, your family, and your very exciting business venture.

Tia's Real Talk said...

WOW SLC, your attention to detail is amazing, to know down to the day of when it was posted. To be honest it might have been a repost then too. lol

HE is working through the issues but it's all under control. I'm not worried. No need to pray if you're going to worry and no need to worry if you are going to pray!

Business is great and fun...anyone interested in something like it, let me know. Be blessed SLC

Anna Renee said...

Well, I'm late to the party, but this has blessed me tremendously. Watching the folks joyfully and peacefully worshipping the Lord is what I've been missing for about a month. I've been sick and unable to attend church because of my condition--though it's not life threatening or anything like that. Thanks SLC!