I know it's been a long time since I've posted, and I miss y'all terribly although I continue to lurk around your blogs. I have come out of hiding to ask you question that was asked of me earlier.

Is it wrong to pray for someone's healing, but prepare yourself for their possible demise. My friend was wondering if they were insulting God by asking him to heal their 80 plus year old relative while also trying to not be blindsided if they pass. The person was asking about their father.

I told them to always ask for what they want. And when they wake up the next morning, tell God thanks whether they received what they asked for or not. I said a few more things also, but I want to hear from my blog family.

So please, give me your answer.


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Mizrepresent said...

First of all, i've missed you and glad you came back to post. I have prayed for the survival of my family and friends, for their healing and ultimately for their souls. Whatever happens i know that God has them in his hands and will do what is appropiate for them, not for us. We may suffer, we will miss them, we will sometimes question their condition or passing, but those of faith will trust God even in the worst of conditions. Welcome back bruh!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey SLC! I'll piggyback on what Miz stated. I've been on both sides of this fence and struggled to understand why my heart did not reconcile with the prayers. I realized that God's will over our lives can't ever be trumped so, as Miz said, if we're faithful we have to accept that He will ensure our loved ones do not suffer or endure unnecessary earthly struggles when they reach their last days. I don't think there is a right or wrong way nor should we be conflicted if we truly believe there is a Heaven.

CareyCarey said...

Hello SLC, I've been noticing you lurking in the shawdows. Since I don't go around knocking on doors for new followers, I generally know who's visiting from a particular city. For instance, Miz and Miss Curvy are from cities in which no other bloggers that visit my blog call home. Well, Miz is out there with all those rich white folks :-)and Curvy is from Marboro country.

Anyway, I've been told to pray for God's will. In doing so, it's not about a desired result, but more so about believing and having faith that God has a plan for all of us. However, within those prayers, I don't see anything wrong with expressing your concerns and struggles. Personally, I don't ask for specific solutions/results to my problems or concerns. If I did that, I may be unconciously opening the door to an "IF" faith. "Oh God, IF you will do this and do that, then I will be faithful"

A though faith: "God, even THOUGH my life and my family are going through tough times, I will still praise thee"

In short, I don't believe faith and fear can co-exist in the same heart.

There's peace in prayer, and therefore, it shouldn't include worry.

Moanerplicity said...

Greetings Bruh! Long time no blog, mane!

Actually, I can relate to this question on a very personal level:

You see, late last year & for most of this year, my young niece (9 years old) was battling an aggressive form of leukemia. It was rough, emotional & our biggest test of Faith to date. The entire family PRAYED daily thru-out her brave struggle. We prayed for her complete recovery, & for stength to endure the emotional ups & downs. Things continued to look very dour. While no one wanted to think negatively or entertain the grave & tragic What If, I began to ask God to give us all the Wisdom & Grace to accept His ultimate Will.

She passed in early August.

It wrecked us to our core. We miss her so deeply, it's still hard to even talk about. Yet at the same time, those of us who hold tight to our True Faith, AFTER it's been tested, feel Blessed to have had her, & we think of her as our sweetest Gift... our brief visitation with an angel. (tears)

I truly believe Prayer allowed that, & it allowed us to accept GOD's will, because in the end, sometimes that's all we have.

The reality is: We pray because Life hands us situations that are so Large & trying on the spirit, that man alone can not handle the consequences.

One Love.

Keith said...

I don't think it is...I went through this two years ago when the hospital told us that my mother's cancer had spread and that there was nothing else they could do...I prayed and prayed for a miracle I suppose...and deep down inside, I could see that she didn't have much longer..but I kept praying...I can't explain this
in any way that makes sense...but God gave me peace with what was happening..He gave me an inner peace and my mother quietly drifted away one month after we were told that there was nothing more that could be done..I had a peace that allowed me to accept it and not rage and carry on the way a lot of people do when they lose a loved one. I hope that helps...It probably doesn't answer your question though.

Anna Renee said...

Hi Brother SLC! I saw that you friended Reggie very recently and decided to come over and say HI!
Glad you're back, Brother!

I don't feel that it's wrong, because it's the person's will to want healing for their loved one, but it may be God's will to call the loved one home.

SLC said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your wisdom. I read each of your responses as soon as you posted them, and then re-read them later in one sitting. What I noticed were a number of themes staring with trust God (Miz), which led to me noticing the repetition of the God’s will in the responses (ultimate will as Moan stated). Finally I noticed peace, first mentioned by Carey and then reiterated and emphasized by Keith. That peace, as Curvy pointed out, is supported by a belief in a Heaven, or as Anna stated home.

My co-worker is praying about the sickness/mortality of her father. He’s been in great health for a man 86 years old, but that has quickly changed. Some would say, “86, he’s already been blessed”, but for his daughters and wife they have to pray themselves to that place of peace which brings appreciation for what they’ve had (thanks moan).

And thanks family.

Tia's Real Talk said...

LOVED IT!! True peace is being under HIS wing and in HIS will. 2 times in my life I've experienced an overwhelming joy!! The joy that is talked about in the WORD. It was a mighty rush that only lasted for maybe 60 secs but I knew it was HIM!! I was saying, "thank you JESUS" the entire time because I knew it would leave at any moment. I have never felt a feeling like that before. I can only explain it as heaven on earth! I felt sooo happy and sooo peaceful...but then it was gone. I think that was the first time I was TRULY in the presence of the LORD!
Loved it usual!