Answers to last weeks question and, the Sunday Musings of Miz, bought to my remembrance the following:

Peace I leave with you,
My peace I give unto you:
Not as the world giveth,
give I unto you. John 14:27a

Moan and Keith mentioned a peace that can not be purchased, a peace that comforts you in spite of what’s happening in your life, while Miz’s Sunday Musings painted a picture of a scene that only God could create in Georgia, Carolina, Maryland, California, Philly, and New York, all on the same day. Peace is a place of escape that I find hard to describe. Try as I might I can’t really define it, but when I’m there in that place. I know it and never want to leave.

Well meaning people may try to offer peace but they often end up doing more to pull you from peace; like the woman who approached a widow at the funeral of her husband that said, “Don’t worry chil’, God’s gonna send you another husband”. She should have held her piece. People are often astonished at ones ability to have peace during the most trying circumstances, not understanding that at that time you not only have Peace, but more importantly Peace (God) has you.

Thanks for the boost family.

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Moanerplicity said...

You know what? After that last entry, this post made me smile.

Peace continues to escape some of us b/c many fail to realize it's God's Gift to us... & it resides within us, if & when we can tap into it.

It takes so many forms, but, for me at least, it's about breathing evenly in stress-free stillness, unaffected by the tragedies, craziness, dramas & madness that may be surrounding me.

You got it right, my brotha. Peace HAS us. Not the other way around!

Snatch JOY & hold on to yours!


SLC said...

Man what you said about "breathing evenly in stress-free stillness"....

priceless man and true

That very thing has helped me keep the lil bit of sanity I have left.

Snatching Joy,


Mizrepresent said...

Like Lin said, this made me smile. There is no substitute in any form for peace...none whatsoever. I have learned to shut out the world and the people around me to be in this place, and it has proven to be great to me. Trust and know that you are doing the right and know that God is forever watching you and guiding you, even through the most difficult and know he knows your mission and your fate and won't be in the way of it, but will be ushering you towards peace. Hugz, thanks for the shoutout!

ps. we have got some spiritual warriors in on our crew...and i love it!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I see I've been reading the wrong blog of yours. You are over here!

Nevertheless, this was a very good post - Peace has me.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Thanks for this post!