Be A Reconciler

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A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

That's something I believe with all my heart. Who am I to judge, especially if I haven't walked in your shoes. Even if I have, the outcome isn't guarenteed to be the same. My growth has surpassed my own expectations and I'm oftentimes frustrated that my sister and daughter aren't as ahead as I'd like, but once again... who am I to judge?

SLC said...

You found it! This is my work in progress blog. I hope to dig a little deeper here.
Thank you for your realness.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

The deeper you dig, the deeper I'll dig. We are here to help one another become our best selves. And we can only do that through becoming who we truly are without fear of judgement or punishment. So go for it, I've got your back (smile)

Stacye said...

You are truly an inspiration! I too will dig deep with the two of you. As my relationship with the Lord grows stronger and I receive greater understanding of His word, I come into the knowledge that judgment was never mine but God's! I first must look at myself and rethink my position and reconcile the wrongs I may have committed against another. I look at every individual, now, with an open mind and heart and I give more of my time to those that need an ear or just my presence. Thank you for the post and for this blog...SLC you're doing your life’s work right here!

Father, cover his mind In the name of Jesus! Dispatch your angels to stand guard around him wherever he my travel. Keep your loving arms around him and his family and blessing his hands, Oh Lord! Touch his lips of clay and let them become the oracles of God! Lord, bless this blog page and have it be a blessing! Lord, save, deliver and make free every captive that reads each word! Lord, I thank you for your man servant in Jesus name, Amen!

Be Blessed!

Chic Decor said...

wow a helping hands with a fellow blogger :) that's awesome