The last two or three posts have been about some sort of reconciliation. Reconciliation is properly defined as an exchange; or restoration to divine favor when used in relationship to the reconciling of souls. I have been blessed recently by posts shared by Mizrepresent and Blu Jewel; both of whom shared deeply and eloquently about processes of self discovery (my words) they've been through. Those posts reawakened with new insight a thought about a familiar passage of scripture regarding the prodigal son. Of the entire story the verse that stands out the most for me right now is;

And when he came to himself,
he said,
How many hired servants of my father's
have bread enough and to spare,
and I perish with hunger! Luke 15:17 KJV

The prodigal son is described as having wasted his substance with riotous living (he went buck wild). Maybe, just maybe this made it easier for him to "come to himself". But for many people and to some extent myself, life is ok, I'm living Holy, and my wife and kids are happy, but I recently realized that in the midst of taking care of everything else, somewhere along this journey I got a little lost. To put it a little clearer, I almost lost.....ME. And I'm now reconciling myself.

I can relate a little to the prodigal son. When he came to himself, he was able to evaluate the difference between where he was and where he should have been. Once he saw the difference he could effectively pursue reconciling that difference. Life at times can be so fast paced that you wake up one day step into the bathroom prepare to brush your teeth, comb your hair, or shave, and you look at the person in the mirror and you utter those famous words, " I don't know who you are anymore". Well I'm glad to say that after a rather tense 2008 and a 2009 filled with change, I'm getting reaquainted with SLC. And it all starts and end with God's Word.

Love y'all

Reconciliation - Greek - katallagē - exchange (figuratively adjustment), that is, restoration to (the divine) favor: - atonement, reconciliation (-ing).

Reconciling - Greek - katallassō - to change mutually, that is, (figuratively) to compound a difference

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4 Relevant Thoughts:

Solomon said...

Nice post SLC,

I've also gotten reaquainted with me this last year or so, and it is really refreshing to know that God hasn't given up on me, even during the times that I all but gave up on myself. Isn't it amazing what a little soul searching, and asking Him for guidance will do for you.

I like the part when you talked about looking in the mirror. Today I can look in the mirror, and I am completely OK with the person that I see looking back at me. That wasn't always the case.

Blu Jewel said...

I found this via Miz's spot as I was reading her latest post. Thank you for the shout out; I was quite surprised to see my name there.

Anyway, I like your post and find it refreshing that a man is taking his rightful stand to show how important it is for HIM to get himself right. When I read this, I thought of the song Make Me Over by Tonex. There's a line that say's, "reconcile me Jesus, I just want to please you"...poignant words.

I think it's imperative for us to dig deep into ourselves and first give God the glory for our even being able to have endured the journey to self and then we must magnify His name by testifying (through blogs, journals, actual testimonies) of what He's done for us. None of us got here alone and we must give honor to how we got to our respective points of reconciliation.

I'm definitely bookmarking this blog as a must read for my day.

Love to live; live to love!

Mizrepresent said...

First of all thanks SLC for the shoutout...i was pleasantly surprised. It is an awesome thing when we are awakened...when our spirit leads to ask...whoami, and then whoami to be. I don't believe we are being made over, but we are finally coming into being who we were meant to be, in the guidance and spirit of God. Like i said before, many times...your blog is a blessing to me, thank you!

Solomon said...

Love this post...