Don't Take It Personal

1 Samuel 8:7 CEB

The Lord answered Samuel, "Comply with the people’s request—everything they ask of you—because they haven’t rejected you. No, they’ve rejected me as king over them."

No, this has nothing to do with Jermaine Jackson's song. This is about the frustration that accompanies trying to help someone more than they want to help themselves. Maybe you've been where they are and your trying to keep them from making the same mistake, but no matter how hard you try, they ignore you. I've been there recently, and it's tough to watch someone you love head towards a calamity.

Eventually, I was able to find peace and rest in God's words to Samuel. If what I have to give is from God, then it's him being rejected, not me. My responsibility is to continue to love, and to be there when the fall occurs. Being offended, and staying offended will only make it more difficult to help them in the future.

They've made their choice, and I've made mine.

Joshua 24:15 CEB

..... choose today whom you will serve...... But my family and I will serve the Lord

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